July 7, 2010

Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes (on Food Network) says, “Life from Scratch and its plucky heroine, Rachel Goldman, is just the right amount of smart and clever with a healthy dose of self-doubt, humor and sass thrown in. This is chick lit for smarter than the average chicks. Melissa Ford has created a clan of characters I can relate to, who make me laugh out loud and hungry for dinner.”

Stephanie Klein, author of Straight Up And Dirty and Moose says, “All journeys worthy of anything begin with wine and end with a meal. Life From Scratch does just that, adding heart and laughter to the recipe.”

Sarah Pekkanen, author of The Opposite of Me says, “Melissa Ford’s debut is a thoughtful, sensitive examination of the choices that give shape to our lives – and how sometimes, the happiest endings can be found in the most unexpected of places.”